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We build exceptional cloud services with our multi-disciplinary team of creators. Let’s reinvent the cloud together.

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Culture & Values

Nothing is impossible to those who can imagine anything

More winners & impact

Let’s create more winners by making world-class technology usable and affordable for every business. Let’s make markets healthier, richer and more diverse for consumers.

Endless curiosity

Those who look with fresh eyes at the world everyday have the possibility the rebuild it in a new way. By building, testing, failing and walking the extra mile we create new stuff.

True teamwork

Together we’re way smarter than alone. It’s the premise of the internet. Collectively we’re a thousand times smarter than alone. That’s why we work together.


Let’s skip the educated guesses. We are a data-driven bunch. From the way we create our products to the data insights we provide to our customers.

Products & services

Desty Travel Cloud

Desty Travel Cloud Travel cloud to run a travel business and make better travel experiences.


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Working from our HQ and remote

The manor we call our HQ was built in 1898. A world without internet and computers. Our world has totally changed since then. We believe working hybrid is here to stay. At the office for collaboration, remote for 100% focus.

A brief history
Founded TravelBird

One of the first data-driven online travel agency’s in Europe

Founded Shopping Minds

The data cloud with focus on first-party data and better insights

Europe-wide growth

Scaling up exponentially running in 11 European countries

Founded Desty

Built Desty v1: a fully automated hotel, car and flight supplier system

Founded Cloudventures

Desty and Shopping Minds are part of Cloudventures, to build the best cloud solutions

It’s 2022. It’s time to build for privacy and sustainability

Sustainability Keep your companies’ business fully sustainable without compromises. Build towards a better future.

Privacy? Yes, we do mind. Trust a platform built for the privacy-first economy. Give people more control over their data while still offering personalized user journeys.