Job opening

Python developer

Office Hilversum and remote
Languages Fluent Dutch English B1
Available since Wednesday May 25th, 2022

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Dennis Klompalberts

+31(0)6 174 264 46

About this job

Desty Travel is working on a next generation cloud based travel platform for marketing purposes. Are you interested in working with a successful and constantly innovating company in the Netherlands?

For this job we’re looking for an enthusiastic, innovative and productive developer. You can play an active role in our future; a challenging, but amazing job in Hilversum awaits!

We believe working hybrid is here to stay. At the office for collaboration, remote for 100% focus.

Your mission

  • Grow and broaden our technological environment
  • Grow and broaden your own expertise
  • Improve our existing back end services
  • Design, implement, integrate and maintain new services and APIs
  • Design and expand our online architecture
  • Optimize online marketing with data

Your skills

  • Experience with Django or other Python-based frameworks
  • Experience with web services
  • Advanced Python developing skills
  • Knowledge of PostgreSQL
  • Knowledge of MongoDB 
  • Knowledge of design patterns
  • Familiar with unit and functional testing
  • Experience with Docker

Bonus Points

  • You’re familiar with Google Cloud Platform
  • Experience with ReactsJS and NextJS
  • Familiar with Google Analytics
  • Experience with machine learning
  • Front end development

What we can offer you

  • A good salary
  • A full-time position (40 hours per week)
  • The opportunity to work on strong brands and large e-commerce and travel websites
  • Ambitious work environment where you will be working with the latest algorithms and technologies
  • Top location in Hilversum
  • Option to work from home
Culture & Values

Nothing is impossible to those who can imagine anything

More winners & impact

Let's create more winners by making world-class technology usable and affordable for every business. Let's make markets healthier, richer and more diverse for consumers.

Endless curiosity

Those who look with fresh eyes at the world everyday have the possibility the rebuild it in a new way. By building, testing, failing and walking the extra mile we create new stuff.

True teamwork

Together we’re way smarter than alone. It’s the premise of the internet. Collectively we’re a thousand times smarter than alone. That’s why we work together.


Let’s skip the educated guesses. We are a data-driven bunch. From the way we create our products to the data insights we provide to our customers.

Our team

25 team members and growing

We’re a passionate team of developers, marketers, engineers, designers and entrepreneurs. We love to solve the interesting, difficult problems to power change in travel and retail. Let’s have a great time today, let’s build tomorrow.